• Jenny Coetzee

The Benefits of Online Collaboration Tools

How the right online collaboration tool can transform the way we work.

One of the most essential aspects of the modern workplace is teamwork. However, widespread internet availability means that members of the team could be just about anywhere in the world. In order for teamwork to be successful, organizations must embrace modern work practices and technology that enable coworkers to share their work easily and efficiently, regardless of where they are. This is where a good online collaboration tool comes in. If you’re contemplating adopting — or proposing the adoption of — online collaboration tools, the list of online collaboration benefits below may help you and your organization decide on this useful technology.

It’s Easy to Keep Track of Projects

Project monitoring features in online collaboration systems make it easy for team members to see how a project has progressed from the beginning. From tracking who made the latest changes to a document, to how the document was before the changes, to tagging a colleague to review the document, it’s never been easier to manage a project. Online communication tools removes the need for team members to communicate with one another through e-mail, removing the need to search an inbox for a missing document, for example.

Team Members Can Be Anywhere

As long as they have an internet connection, team members can be working remotely from anywhere in the world. This means that a team can be completely dispersed, while still working in an organized way. Co-workers from various states or even countries can easily collaborate on the same project, enabling businesses to create the best possible team for a project, regardless of where the employees are located. It also ensures that when workers are on a business trip away from the workplace, they are not separated off from the project and can contribute as if they were at their desks.

Ease of Reporting

Almost all job projects need some kind of reporting, and report time is typically stressful. When working for a large team, it's easy to lose track of some of the tasks that have been completed for a particular project. Using a good online collaboration tool, however, it's simple to easily create comprehensive reports that contain all of the activities associated with a project, allowing team members more time to focus on activities that produce results.

Actions Are Done Quickly

There's no need to schedule a meeting or make a phone call to discuss documents when you have a strong online communication platform. Documents can be imported into the tool, and reviewers can be informed that documents have been uploaded automatically via email. Reviewers will then annotate the document, make any required changes, and inform the rest of the team that the document is complete. This makes it much easier to keep a project's workflow consistent and coordinated, with team members participating as needed.

Documents Are All Stored in a Single Place

This allows all team members, regardless of their location, to have convenient access to all required information. Employees often don't need to save documents to a USB drive or other storage medium if they want to work on them remotely, and any changes to a document are visible right away. There is no need for different versions of a document to be e-mailed back and forth, and team members know at all times where to find the latest version of a document.

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