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Asset Management

Having played a key role in the development of the Government Immovable Asset Management Act, 2007 (GIAMA), Core Focus uses the national infrastructure delivery management system and GIAMA as the basis for our methodology to assess and plan infrastructure across the spheres of government.

​Efficient asset management requires skilled and experienced staff. Partnering with Core Focus will give you access to industry know-how and scarce skills. We offer turnkey solutions for the full asset management service, but the following partial services are also available:

  • Development: project planning is the tool used to drive value and preserve capital through a capital project's procurement, design and construction stages. It is key to understanding and mitigating risks as well as planning such areas as financing.

  • Procurement: By establishing an open, well-defined process you will benefit from speedier negotiations and contract execution as well as reduced miscommunication and disputes during the evaluation and execution.

  • Delivery:  A robust project controls environment ensures strategic alignment of projects across your organisation, mitigates risk exposure, sets and clarifies the expectations of your stakeholders, and saves your organisation time and money by avoiding unnecessary rework and overruns.

  • Disposal: Success hinges on your ability to execute against the right valuation and business disposal strategy.

Core Focus will assist you in driving value and managing complexity at every phase of infrastructure delivery

  • Policy development within portfolio planning

  • Life cycle cost modelling

  • Asset performance monitoring

  • Asset demand analysis

  • Asset portfolio planning

  • Project portfolio planning

  • Budget development

  • Development of infrastructure registers