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Project Portfolio Management

​Project portfolio management is of strategic importance in competing for scarce resources. Standardising systems and controls when concurrently managing multiple projects, yields significant benefits throughout the project lifecycle. Implementing concepts such as demand analysis and programmatic delivery across the portfolio exploits economies of scale benefits.

Core Focus offers the right combination of business acumen, capital projects know-how and technology to develop a portfolio approach to projects. A uniform portfolio management approach offers accurate, real-time information on each project, while a view of the portfolio provides sharper insight into resource needs, more effective risk management and better use of capital.

The Core Focus portfolio approach lets you see, understand, manage and report all your projects as a strategically integrated whole – and improve effectiveness and cost-efficiency across your entire projects landscape.

Benefits of the Core Focus approach

  • Project requests - define, create and manage all project requests to better understand demand

  • Portfolio visibility – with real-time project investment status, you can monitor progress in terms of actuals

  • Portfolio analytics tools - make better decisions when selecting projects and work for execution

  • Portfolio stage gating and workflow - streamline project approval through workflows to improve control

  • Standardised templates and forms - pre-built templates and forms will standardise data capture and enforce consistency

  • What-if modelling - analyse your proposed resource or financial portfolio against defined targets