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Business Engineering

Sometimes mere adjustments are not enough to reach your business goals. Core Focus can assist you with a fundamental rethink and redesign of your business model and associated practices to achieve dramatic improvements in performance and efficiency. Being a multi-disciplinary company, we have the necessary skills and experience to assist with addressing complex businesses challenges.

An important aspect of the re-engineering process is to align business processes with business strategy. Cornerstones of a business are strategy, people and process. If processes are full of red tape, business performance will be poor, even with hard-working and  motivated staff. Core Focus believes business process re-engineering is key to transforming how people work. Apparent minor changes in processes can have dramatic effects on cash flow, service delivery and customer satisfaction.

The Core Focus approach to project teams delivers solutions to improve clients' overall efficiency and effectiveness.

Techniques used in business engineering

  • Business Strategy and Operating Models

  • Strategic Alignment

  • Skills Planning

  • Human Capital Development

  • Knowledge Management

  • Business Process Redesign

  • Capability Maturity Model Integration

  • Business Excellence